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npendland (Email: ayata#0001)(Resume:


RSP Alex, RSP Alexa, RSP Blaisen, RSP Bov, RSP Casper, RSP Ceene, RSP Chalk, RSP Cheatah, RSP Coco, RSP Duke, RSP Eclipse, RSP Flao, RSP Immortal, RSP Invincible, RSP Jenoah, RSP John, RSP Kalel, RSP Kuzza, RSP Morph, RSP Pex, RSP Reviews, RSP Skeptic, RSP Sparta, RSP Stormex, RSP Tiex, RSP Twitch, RSP Val, RSP Vision, RSP Xander, RSP Reviews.


RSP Ayata, RSP Bov, RSP Casper, RSP Cheatah, RSP Click, RSP Curry, RSP Eclipse, RSP Ghoulz, RSP Invincible, RSP John, RSP Kuzza, RSP Remain, RSP Stormex, RSP Xtro, RSP Toast, RSP Ykzyy, RSP Zetta.

Staff Members

RSP Alex, RSP Alexa, RSP Artix, RSP Auxy, RSP Blaisen, RSP Blink, RSP Bov, RSP Bravo, RSP Casper, RSP Cawz, RSP Chalk, RSP Cheatah, RSP Cluez, RSP Curry, RSP Donny, RSP Drop, RSP Ducky, RSP Duke, RSP Eclipse, RSP Essay, RSP Farmer, RSP Flareblitz, RSP Flipz, RSP Flixzy, RSP Forehead, RSP Frags, RSP Gator, RSP Giomei, RSP God, RSP Hydra, RSP Immortal, RSP Invincible, RSP Jenoah, RSP John, RSP Kalel, RSP Kalo, RSP Kenzie, RSP Kiki, RSP Kitten, RSP Kiwe, RSP Krox, RSP Kuzza, RSP Lane, RSP Lucca, RSP Lxgy, RSP Messy, RSP Miner, RSP Morph, RSP Mxst, RSP Nova, RSP Pex, RSP Poompus, RSP Prada, RSP Prim, RSP Prodigy, RSP Quextex, RSP Qwazy, RSP Raw, RSP Remain, RSP Reviews, RSP Saber, RSP Sable, RSP Sat, RSP Scripts, RSP Shadow, RSP Skeptic, RSP Slix, RSP Sparta, RSP Spaz, RSP Stormex, RSP Symple, RSP Tensa, RSP Tiex, RSP Toast, RSP Velx, RSP Viloz, RSP Vision, RSP Wildcat, RSP Ykzyy, RSP Zay, RSP ZCow.

premier Players

RSP Ace, RSP Ameno, RSP Apple, RSP Areeb, RSP Artin, RSP Arzz, RSP Ayata, RSP Blaze, RSP Bloom, RSP Bov, RSP Cdub, RSP Ceene, RSP Cerify, RSP Cheatah, RSP Cloudz, RSP Cluez, RSP Coco, RSP Crispy, RSP Cup, RSP Curry, RSP Dawgwtr, RSP Deyology, RSP Equations, RSP Farmer, RSP Flakez, RSP Flecky, RSP Goimei, RSP Hcube, RSP Heros, RSP Hwhzy, RSP Icy, RSP Invincible, RSP Jah, RSP Jakey, RSP Jbug, RSP Jceum, RSP Jimmy, RSP Joelian, RSP Jok, RSP Juice, RSP Jusgraal, RSP Khxmil, RSP Kito, RSP Kuzza, RSP Lelouch, RSP Loconeta, RSP Lunar, RSP Lxgy, RSP Maaz, RSP Magzie, RSP Middy, RSP Miner, RSP Monte, RSP Muah, RSP Naz, RSP Nef, RSP Omen, RSP Parelnz, RSP Pcdragon, RSP Peach, RSP Peno, RSP Prodigy, RSP Rainz, RSP Serarph, RSP Slattz, RSP Slayer, RSP Slix, RSP Solar, RSP Sparta, RSP Spaydz, RSP Spaz, RSP Steak, RSP Stewy, RSP Stormex, RSP Symple, RSP Sync, RSP Taysheon, RSP Telr, RSP Tensa, RSP Threat, RSP Toast, RSP Triqx, RSP Val, RSP Velx, RSP Viduls, RSP Viloxity, RSP Wick, RSP Wildkat, RSP Xenoz, RSP Zero, RSP Zixnny.

standard players

RSP Agra, RSP Ahmed, RSP Aladdin, RSP Alex, RSP Alexa, RSP Amauri, RSP Amiri, RSP Angel, RSP Ant, RSP Aorcs, RSP Ariety, RSP Artix, RSP Astra, RSP Auxy, RSP Auzi, RSP Avalos, RSP Ayhkeys, RSP Bank, RSP Beet, RSP Bepis, RSP Bezoar, RSP Binlan, RSP Blizy, RSP Bonny, RSP Boxin, RSP Bran, RSP Brndn, RSP Brownie, RSP Buggy, RSP Caleb, RSP Cappa, RSP Cashew, RSP Casper, RSP Cawz, RSP Ceene, RSP Chente, RSP Claps, RSP Classy, RSP Clip, RSP Clipz, RSP Cloudz, RSP Clxy, RSP Connect, RSP Control, RSP Corlol, RSP Cryptic, RSP Cuft, RSP Danny, RSP Dec, RSP Demonz, RSP Desflo, RSP Dexter, RSP Ditty, RSP Donny, RSP Dream, RSP Drewex, RSP Drop, RSP Drxco, RSP Ducky, RSP Eclipse, RSP Electro, RSP Envy, RSP Ezwaki, RSP Finney, RSP Fishy, RSP Flaeyz, RSP Flakes, RSP Flao, RSP Flipz, RSP Flix, RSP Flixzy, RSP Flow, RSP Forehead, RSP Foxy, RSP Frags, RSP Frogu, RSP Frosty, RSP Frxsti, RSP Fuff, RSP Gabby, RSP Gator, RSP Gavin, RSP Gerard, RSP Ghoulz, RSP Goat, RSP Gold, RSP Happy, RSP Hex, RSP High, RSP Highsniper, RSP Huntz, RSP Hydra, RSP Ihynite, RSP Jared, RSP Jay, RSP Jayon, RSP Jay, RSP Johan, RSP John, RSP Johnny, RSP Josh, RSP Julian, RSP Kaha, RSP Kalel, RSP Kalo, RSP Kamryns, RSP Katie, RSP Keagan, RSP Keqe, RSP Kiki, RSP Kilo, RSP Kovu, RSP Krox, RSP Lane, RSP Logic, RSP Louis, RSP Lucca, RSP Lucky, RSP Luis, RSP Luxrr, RSP Major, RSP Manute, RSP Marshall, RSP Marshmello, RSP Mason, RSP Mega, RSP Mehdi, RSP Meir, RSP Melly, RSP Mick, RSP Miku, RSP Mitchell, RSP Morph, RSP Mxst, RSP Nate, RSP Nauz, RSP Nemo, RSP Nenne, RSP Nipl, RSP Nyne, RSP Omega, RSP Orion, RSP Peachy, RSP Pearl, RSP Phoenix, RSP Phone, RSP Plasma, RSP Plazidy, RSP Poe, RSP Prada, RSP Primez, RSP Pringle, RSP Prodigy, RSP Pulsey, RSP Pxmp, RSP Qrilex, RSP Quacky, RSP Quextex, RSP Qwazy, RSP Qwency, RSP Radnay, RSP Ranga, RSP Raw, RSP Reck, RSP Recn, RSP Redd, RSP Reflex, RSP Refo, RSP Remain, RSP Retake, RSP Rice, RSP Richous, RSP Rim, RSP Rlevy, RSP Rxenz, RSP Ryze, RSP Rank, RSP Sable, RSP Set, RSP Shadow, RSP Shark, RSP Shixsty, RSP Shizu, RSP Shoxy, RSP Siivle, RSP Slack, RSP Snack, RSP Snowchill, RSP Soccarstar, RSP Sour, RSP Spazzy, RSP Speahz, RSP Splitz, RSP Sponge, RSP Sproy, RSP Spxrrow, RSP Spyfix, RSP Sotrrm, RSP Stxticz, RSP Sub, RSP Sully, RSP Sweaty, RSP Swolo, RSP Synqul, RSP Takuday, RSP Tixqzz, RSP Tose, RSP Traj, RSP Trixa, RSP Twitch, RSP Viloz, RSP Viper, RSP Virgo, RSP Vise, RSP Vision, RSP Void, RSP Voise, RSP Vortex, RSP Vusark, RSP Watzz, RSP Wotson, RSP Wxve, RSP Xtinct, RSP Ykzyy, RSP Zay, RSP Zelius, RSP Zetta, RSP Zirky, RSP Zombie, RSP Zyro.

academy players

RSP Aiden, RSP Ally, RSP Alok, RSP Alpha, RSP Alter, RSP Angel, RSP Amare, RSP Ant, RSP Arya, RSP Astra, RSP Astro, RSP Atifty, RSP Average, RSP Aslav, RSP Bang, RSP Beny, RSP Big, RSP Bigboy, RSP Blaise, RSP Blasien, RSP Blaze, RSP Blink, RSP Boked, RSP Boltzz, RSP Bran, RSP Bran, RSP Breezy, RSP Builds, RSP Bumble, RSP Button, RSP Cable, RSP Cameron, RSP Cat, RSP Chris, RSP Claps, RSP Clefto, RSP Clix, RSP Cody, RSP Cojack, RSP Comslup, RSP Cooper, RSP Crimson, RSP Critical, RSP Cyber, RSP Dabb, RSP Daddy, RSP Dan, RSP Dasher, RSP Derpington, RSP Distrax, RSP Dolla, RSP Demanator, RSP Dragon, RSP Drayton, RSP Ds, RSP Duke, RSP Echos, RSP Elements, RSP Elijah, RSP Elmomo, RSP Emily, RSP Eric, RSP Essay, RSP Ethan, RSP Fabian, RSP Fear, RSP Fireball, RSP Firegod, RSP Fitdragon, RSP Flazy, RSP Floam, RSP Fn, RSP Fordny, RSP Forkey, RSP Foxy, RSP Gabo, RSP Gage, RSP Galaxy, RSP Gisus, RSP God, RSP Gohan, RSP Haha, RSP Heidi, RSP Hoam, RSP Hunter, RSP Icey, RSP Immortal, RSP Imre, RSP Isabell, RSP Jack, RSP James, RSP Jarkkoh, RSP Jay, RSP Jeffrey, RSP JJay, RSP Jon, RSP Jordan, RSP Kaigotz, RSP Kanto, RSP Kenny, RSP Killerscove, RSP Kitten, RSP Kittykat, RSP Kiwe, RSP Knight, RSP Kozify, RSP Krabby, RSP Kxrxn, RSP Kyro, RSP Landen, RSP Lanta, RSP Lavos, RSP Lazr, RSP Legacy, RSP Leo, RSP Levi, RSP Liam, RSP Lightning, RSP Livelife, RSP Logic, RSP Looma, RSP Lucky, RSP Luis, RSP Mac, RSP Maki, RSP Manny, RSP Matthew, RSP Matty, RSP Messy, RSP Mils, RSP Mixed, RSP Monster, RSP Mspexz, RSP Mtcplays, RSP Mucak, RSP Mum, RSP Mxse, RSP Mya, RSP Mythical, RSP Nlp, RSP Noobpro, RSP Notlah, RSP Nova, RSP Nutmaster, RSP Ocan, RSP Oofgu, RSP Orion, RSP Oxzlo, RSP Parte, RSP Pearl, RSP Peo, RSP Perdonass, RSP Pispovid, RSP Poompus, RSP Profit, RSP Quackz, RSP Quzx, RSP Rachie, RSP Ragex, RSP Raining, RSP Ravi, RSP Raze, RSP Real, RSP Reaper, RSP Reap, RSP Reds, RSP Reviews, RSP Riley, RSP Ryan, RSP Sads, RSP Saezy, RSP Sal, RSP Sammy, RSP Sat, RSP Savage, RSP Scamma, RSP Scout, RSP Shadow, RSP Sharke, RSP Sharking, RSP Sinz, RSP Skeptic, RSP Skittle, RSP Soul, RSP Sparte, RSP Spitz, RSP Stormy, RSP Sway, RSP Syha, RSP Synxy, RSP Taco, RSP Takuday, RSP Tiko, RSP Tilly, RSP Tokyo, RSP Tom, RSP Tracks, RSP Trae, RSP Troy, RSP Truth, RSP Twitch, RSP Ty, RSP Tyrese, RSP Vavan, RSP Vision, RSP Vosh, RSP Vokes, RSP Waco, RSP Waxzon, RSP Wildcat, RSP Wolfy, RSP Xandee, RSP Xaun, RSP Yash, RSP Young, RSP Zcow, RSP Ziboy, RSP Zepher.

members of the month

View some of the players, creators, and staff members that go above and beyond here at RSP.GG everyday.

RSP cole

RSP Esports is just such a wonderful and diverse community that accepts all kinds of players, content creators, and mods.

RSP david

They are really a good and entertaining org, I recommend applying and trying out because they are really professional.

RSP jason

In my opinion RSP Esports is the top org to become a competitor or spark a career in pro gaming or content creation.


They have a really well set up server, when I joined managers where quick to respond and they have good staff.

RSP emily

When I joined RSP I was greeted quickly with a hello and I was treated like a real member of the community.