RSP.GG is a media, esports, and crypto organization here to disrupt how companies interact online.


RSP.GG was founded in April 2020 under the name Team Respawn. Later that year, the company pivoted into becoming a multi-game esports organization. In June 2020, Respawn Esports picked up an additional line of over one hundred players and content and content creators in external searches. With professional players being signed and rebranded to RSP.GG. The company made its  roster public with its first initial signing statement  in January 2021, making RSP one of the first public orgs with an acceptance rate of over ninety percent.


In May 2020, RSP Esports created their popular Fortnite division.Starting in July 2020, the company competed in many other online games including Warzone, Valorant, and Rocket League. These games were discontinued by the end of Q1, 2021 . RSP Esports has grown into becoming a collective of professional players and content creators across all seven continents.


The company has partnered with multiple companies in a variety of digital and physical sectors across the years. Their most notable partners include Razer, Nord VPN, Finalmouse, Nerd or Die, Fatal Grips, GT Racing. RSP Esports started working with brands at the conception of the Fortnite division and is still working to develop relationships with new brands and companies.