Meet the pro players, managers, and staff members that make RSP Esports possible.


RSP John, RSP Ykzyy, RSP Casper, RSP Bov, RSP Xtro, RSP Invincible, RSP Kermie, RSP Kuzza, RSP Huxley, RSP Ghoulz, RSP Curry, RSP Stormex.


RSP Casper, RSP Shane, RSP Coco, RSP Alex, RSP Stormex, RSP Reviews, RSP Invincible, RSP Duke, RSP Frost, RSP Skeptic, RSP Xander, RSP Levi, RSP Twitch, RSP Vision, RSP Flao, RSP Morph, RSP John, RSP Sparta, RSP Ceene, RSP Pex, RSP Chalk, RSP Hio, RSP Alexa, RSP Tiex, RSP Val.

Staff Members

RSP Shane, RSP Splitz, RSP John, RSP Alex, RSP Frost, RSP Xander, RSP Bov, RSP Toast, RSP Levi, RSP Twitch, RSP Coco, RSP Vision, RSP Flao, RSP Morph, RSP Sparta, RSP Ceene, RSP Pex, RSP Chalk, RSP Hio, RSP Miku, RSP Alexa, RSP Flakez, RSP Tiex, RSP Sable, RSP Viloz, RSP Artix, RSP Flare, RSP Messy, RSP Krox, RSP Symple, RSP Nova, RSP Qwazy, RSP Drop, RSP Remain, RSP Flipz, RSP Val, RSP Amiri, RSP Ghoulz, RSP Essay, RSP Farmer, RSP ForeHead, RSP Fubuki, RSP God, RSP Hydra, RSP Kiki, RSP Lxgy, RSP Miner, RSP Peakz, RSP Raw, RSP Velx, RSP Flixzy, RSP ZCow.

Top Players

RSP Shane, RSP Kuzza, RSP Vast, RSP Coco, RSP Tensa, RSP Xtro, RSP Dazzy, RSP Miner, RSP Blaze, RSP Xenoz, RSP Jakey, RSP DwagWater, RSP Curry, RSP Stormex, RSP ClueZ, RSP Bov, RSP Scripts, RSP Vanxy, RSP Ghoulz, RSP Khxmil, RSP Site, RSP Arzz, RSP Viloz, RSP Solar, RSP Quacker, RSP Sync, RSP Zayn, RSP Symple, RSP Flash, RSP Icy, RSP Lunar, RSP Mist, RSP Pixel, RSP Tenacity, RSP Fham, RSP Cloudz, RSP Farmer, RSP Ceene, RSP Pex, RSP Equations, RSP Val, RSP Jusgraal, RSP Cup, RSP Middy.


RSP Ayata (Discord: ayata#0001) (Email:

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